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CoolCuff™ Wide Cooling Cuffs

CoolCuff™ Wide Cooling Cuffs

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Each pair of our innovative cooling cuffs comes with the CoolPaks™ they require. To order an extra set of CoolPaks™, click here.

The fastest transfer of temperature on the body takes place on the flexor (inner) side of your wrists. The blood vessels are very near the surface of your skin in this area, so can be quickly cooled. This targeted cooling returns colder blood to the heart. A perfect on-the-go cooling solution. 

One frozen CoolPak is inserted into each of the cuffs concealed pockets. They are sold in pairs, and extra CoolPaks are available to always have one ready for backup. 

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Customer Reviews

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Wiscowoman (Neenah, WI, US)
Gel insert issues

I wanted to love these items but the gel inserts are a little confounding. First, I had some of them soaking for days and one of them is still not completely puffed up. So... I'm still soaking it...

Plus, they are really puffy and a bit hard to insert once they are fully expanded. Other reviews mentioned that as well.

I'm going to use them, though... I'm sure they'll help keep my head and wrists cool. It's just some effort to "set them up," if you will.

Never, ever hesitate to call when having an issue, Wiscowoman! We're here for the long haul and never want our customers struggling over any of our products. Once you scrunch the CoolPaks in a basin of warm water, they should plump to their fullest in a matter of 10 minutes -- then you never have to do this again. Just freeze and refreeze.

You're right about getting the single CoolPak into the mini cuffs -- such a small space to work with, but the flap is necessary to keep the cooling tech snug in their pocket.

We hope by now that you're actively cooling with your cuffs, and if not, please contact Luanne at (716) 281-0080. Thank you!