Groundhog coming out of hole

A Lesson From the Groundhog

Learn from the Groundhog. Trust what the weather tells you.

With summer comes a high sun, high heat, and high expectations for personal gains. You'll go outside and give it your all. You'll test new kinds of hydration, new forms of nutrition, and you'll deny your body the one simple protocol that can actually improve your performance from Day 1: Thermoregulation

When your body temperature rises -- and it will -- your muscles will fight you. You will sweat, you will dehydrate. And eventually your body will refuse to perform. 

When you push beyond your body's ability to regulate its body temperature, something is going to give -- and that something is you. Your overheated brain can no longer send signals to move muscle. Within only minutes, heat stress can turn into life-threatening heat stroke. 

So which performance piece comes first – hydration or performance cooling? Once overheated, it will be extremely difficult to cool your body to a safe temperature without an immersion ice tub or paramedics. Cool your body before you start exerting body heat.  

Say goodbye to brain fog and muscle fatigue by incorporating a cooling vest into your training. 

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