CoolPaks: How To Activate

Our cooling technology was selected after exhaustive and Clinical Testing of ice, gel, and phase change cooling packs. Only one technology proved superior and met our demands -- that technology is incorporated into every garment we design. 

  • Colder than ice, gel, or other phase-change technology
  • Stays colder for longer than any other cooling tech
  • Lighter in weight than all other cooling tech 
  • Bendable. The CoolPak strips are articulated to allow movement 
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Resposable. Can be used repeatedly, though not lifetime use

How to Activate & Use

  • Scrunch cells vigorously in a basin of warm water
  • Let CoolPaks soak and continue to absorb water

Activation is done only once!

  • Lay plumped CoolPaks on freezer shelf until ready to use
  • Refreeze and reuse whenever needed

How long will Your CoolPaks stay cold?

In low-humid environments, you can expect a maximum of four (4) hours before your CoolPaks will expire. Headbands and Gloves will stay cold up to 2 hours. 

High humidity can cut cooling time by as much as two hours. Most people order a second set of CoolPaks to extend their cooling time -- or to always have a backup ready when needed. 

When will you need to replace your CoolPak set? 

You can use your CoolPaks over and over again, but at some point in time they will need to be replaced. They can last for seasons, for years, but not forever. Having a backup set of CoolPaks can dramatically extend the need to replace. 

What does it mean when your CoolPaks soften? 

As your CoolPaks absorb your body heat, they will soften. But they will continue to provide cooling even during this phase change!

Adaptation is what happens when you "get used to" the temperature of your CoolPaks. It's similar to what happens when you jump into a frigid swimming pool, then feel comfortable after 30 minutes. The easiest way to determine if your CoolPaks are still doing their job -- is to place your hand on your skin beneath your vest. If your skin is still cool, your CoolPaks are still working.