Why Oro Sports

The Basics.  Everything we share below is basic knowledge to be considered before making for making a cooling vest purchase, regardless of where you land your sights. 

If you still have questions after reading this, then let's hop on a call or a zoom. We can recommended which products are best suited for your particular need, even when the solution is another brand on another website -- a necessary part of true customer satisfaction. Here we go...

The Basics of Cooling:

  • If the cooling tech in a cooling vest has a slim profile; then the chances of that coolant lasting a full hour are just as slim. The cooling tech is what takes on your body heat. 
  • If a coolant can be "frozen" or "recharged" at twice the temperature of freezing; the coolant will be effective only half as long as colder tech. 
  • If a coolant freezes at (or below) the temperature of ice; then freezer burn is bound to occur UNLESS the vest is constructed from "smart" textiles that buffer the coolants while also keeping them cooler for longer. Smart textiles do smart things.  
  • If your cooling vest is evaporative, your dreams of cooling your body in the presence of humidity or minimum circulating air will also evaporate. 

We've been doing this a long time. We tested every cooling technology under the sun; even developed our own cooling technology. So when Third Party Scientific Testing proved the clear leader of the pack, we left our egos at the door and designed our cooling garments around what proved to be the highest performing cooling tech available anywhere. 

Why Oro? Superior designs, smart textiles, and unbeatable cooling technology.