Hydration -- The Cart Before the Horse

Hydration -- The Cart Before the Horse

In rare cases, the cart truly does appear before the horse -- and when it comes to the topic of hydration, this has been the case for 58 years.

The word "hydration" became a part of our lexicon in 1965, when Gatorade was invented at Florida State University. Gatorade was introduced as the horse that would pull the human performance cart when, in fact, hydration was always the cart.

So who, or what, is the horse in this equation?

The answer is Thermoregulation -- the regulation of body temperature, which can prevent dehydration in the first place. Thermoregulation is the horse. Yet for 58 years it's been the Who in Whoville, holding all the cards. 

The Oro Sports brand puts thermoregulation front and center, where it belongs. Hydration cannot be maintained without FIRST regulating body temperature.

Simply put: If you can help prevent your body from overheating, you can then maintain hydration. And muscle movement. And cognitive function. The two are interconnected and useless without each other. 

For those who have doubts about the importance of thermoregulation, consider this -- you can succumb to heat stroke even when fully hydrated! 

Thermoregulate. Hydrate. Two sides of the same coin, no matter which way it lands. 

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