According to Running USA, the popularity of running decreased by 1% from 2017 to 2018. Something tells us that 2020 is going to see an increase in popularity, and in no small part due to social isolation.

Runners can, and many do, run alone. In fact, 55% of the running population prefers to run alone. With 56M estimated runners in the United States, 55% is an impressive number, and one that's about to grow.

It's our belief that not only will former runners return to running; but never-before runners and frustrated athletes will give the activity serious consideration.

If you're concerned about losing your usual workout routine, it might be time to pound the pavement. If you're new to the game, studies have shown that slow and steady wins the day. 

Some surprising running facts:

  • Improves bone health and increases bone density (University of Michigan)
  • Helps prevent demential (Washington Univesity)
  • Can burn as much as 606 calories per hour (based on 5mph / 160lb person)
  • Prevents heart disease when practiced only 75 minutes per week (American Heart Association) 
  • Former athletes are 50% less likely to suffer from running injuries
  • In hot weather, the body can lose 3 to 4 pints of fluid in only one hour
  • The runners high is real! So says a study conducted by The Oxford Journal 
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