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Maximo Original

Maximo Original

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The Maximo™ Original comes with CoolPaks™. To order an extra set of CoolPaks™, click here.

The original Maximo™ Cooling Vest Original features elastic side panels that connect the front of the vest to the back. 

We license the high-tech lining from Outlast Technology®, which was developed for NASA due to its ability to manage temperature. 

Sizing for Maximo™ Original varies from our Maximo™ Gen II, so please refer to the size chart before ordering.  

The No other cooling brand matches our quality constructions or MADE in the USA commitment. 

Custom-sized CoolPaks™ are inserted into each of the four interior pockets for maximum coverage. FDA Approved, food-safe, long-lasting, and a second-to-none cooling experience. 

We guarantee you will find no better cooling experience. 

If you have questions about sizing, contact us today... even if today is Sunday. We do our best to return every call within 24 hours. 

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