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Wrist Cooling

Wrist Cooling

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The fastest transfer of temperature on the body takes place on the flexor (inner) side of your wrists. Blood vessels and veins are very near the surface of your skin in this area, so can be quickly cooled -- returning colder blood to your heart.

CoolCuffs -- whether Mini or Maxi -- are a perfect on-the-go cooling solution. 

One frozen CoolPak is inserted into each of the concealed pockets. CoolCuffs are sold in pairs. Extra CoolPaks are available to always have one set ready for backup. 

Core body cooling (cooling vest), coupled with brain and/or wrist cooling, has been shown to provide added benefits versus only a single cooling modality. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Louise WOLANSKE (Dunkirk, NY, US)
Cooling vests are amazing

I love these products. I bought a cooling vest, wrist cool packs and headband. I promoted it to my dragon boat team. They are considering using your products for our practices and precooking and after cooling for our races. They are so comfortable on you forget you’re wearing them. The headband is a necessity for me too! The wrist cooling is the cherry on the top. I even bought extra coolpaks for our long races (4-5 days) I’m so grateful to have worked with Luanne (CEO). She just wants to make everything right. So easy to work with and fast deliveries. The best company I have ever dealt with! Louise Wolanske, Leatherneck Warriors dragon boat paddler

Kathy Gardner (Buffalo, NY, US)
Back Pain - No Problem with Oro Sports Cool Packs

Purchased cool backs (and wrist bands) for a friend that was suffering from dreadful back pain. She said these were a "lifesaver" and stayed cooler longer. The cooling wristbands, well, with the summer heat on our doorstep, these are great to wear doing all the yard work - and when done, doing a round of Pickle Ball or two. Would 100% recommend.

Ciro Gargano (Naples, 72, IT)
Really improves safety and performances during interventions

As an interventional radiologist I work all the time covered with protective garments and your product makes me feel comfortable ad so my safety and performances are really improved. Recommended to anyone who wants to stay safe.

Abigail Stoller (Washington, DC, US)

they were AMAZING

Eva P. (Allegany, NY, US)
Cool Cuffs Really Work

I really like the redesigned cool cuffs. The fabric has a nice stretch and the cool packs stay securely inside the cuff pocket while wearing. I wore them last week on a very hot day as I gardened outside. The frozen packs lasted about an hour before the cooling effect rapidly decreased. That was perfect for me, as I hadn't planned on gardening for more than an hour anyway. Since the cuffs come with an extra set of cooling packs, I could have easily popped a new frozen set in and continued working. I threw them in the washer and let them air dry to ensure the elastic component of the fabric would not be damaged by heat drying. They came out like new.

I give these a five-star rating and I think buyers will love the improved design. The only negative for me is that I have very small wrists (5 1/4"). While the cuffs were not loose and made good contact with my skin, the fit was more snug when I first put them on. As the cool packs began to melt, the cuffs felt just a little bit looser, but they still maintained their cooling effect.

Thank you Oro for your quality products!