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Cooling Headband

Cooling Headband

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Each CoolHead™ cooling headbad comes with the CoolPak™ strip it requires. To order extra CoolPaks, click here.

Sporty, no-slip, sweat absorbing -- and it keeps you cool. Our headbands are constructed with high-quality, cotton spandex and feature a concealed pocket that holds one frozen CoolPak™. The CoolPak™ is positioned at the back of your head, cooling the blood as it returns to your brain -- where overheating occurs. Not much more you can ask from a headband! 

The Science

Cooling the neck has been shown to help improve performance, reduce sweating, and enhance the feeling of comfort1,2. Even this small area of the body will yield some surprising benefits from cooling.

Surface cooling depends primarily on how much surface area you can cover, where more is better. However, there are a few small areas on the body which provide unique responses to cooling. The back of your neck is one of those areas. The palms of your hands is another. *Read more about palm cooling in our "CoolCuffsTM" section.


1. Yang Zhang et al. Cooling on Soccer Performance. Monten. J. Sports Sci. Med. 3 (2014) 1: 17–22

2. Tyler, C. J., and C. Sunderland. Neck Cooling and Running Performance in the Heat Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 43, No. 12, pp. 00–00, 2011

3. Ruddock, A. et al (2014). Effect of hand cooling on body temperature, cardiovascular and perceptual responses during recumbent cycling in a hot environment. Journal of Science and Cycling, 3 (2).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Stone Crider (Columbia, SC, US)
Cooling on the neck

The science works great! After experiencing heat stroke years ago this allows me to greatly extend my activities in the outdoor heat.

Chad DoeseveryThing (Westland, MI, US)
Absolutely love it

I'm owner oprator of a food truck and it works great! The only thing is I need more gel/freeze packs as my days are longer than they last.

A food truck owner, of course!! What better time for a cooling headband than when generating heat in a sun-baked vehicle! Always love hearing how and why people put our cooling products to work. You can always order extra CoolPaks, but today we'll be sending a couple extra 'on the house'. Just remember us when we're standing in line for your tasty morsels...

Athena B. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Love these headbands!

These headbands help me survive during the summertime. I have three of them that I keep in the freezer and just rotate them out as they melt when I'm getting overheated. I'm so glad I found these!

Bridgett Tadel (Willowbrook, IL, US)
Innovative products!

I purchased the headband and wide wrist cuffs. The headband (fabulous purple color) I wear almost daily at work (9 hour shifts standing/walking nonstop hospital inpatient Pharmacy), the ice packs only last 2-3 hours so I bought extra to keep in the freezer at work for a change out. It's been really helpful keeping me cool! And the ice packs don't sweat as they warm up, so I'm not all wet down my neck. I wish the wide wrist cuffs were wider in circumference, they said for 8" wrist, which I am, but cuffs are really tight on my forearms with the ice packs inside. They do help me stay cool, but not very comfortable or easy to get on, and then get the ice packs in them, especially if you're alone. But I do recommend!! I have Multiple Sclerosis so keeping cool is a must!!

Jonathan Quigley (Severna Park, MD, US)

Cooling Headbands