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Cooling Headwrap - Adjustable

Cooling Headwrap - Adjustable

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Each CoolHead Wrap™ comes with 1 CoolPaks™ strip. To order extra CoolPaks™, click here.

The difference between the CoolHead™ Band and the CoolHead™ Wrap is that the CoolHead Wrap™ is completely size adjustable. Each style features a concealed pocket that holds one frozen CoolPaks™ strip against the base of your head, cooling the blood enroute to your brain, where overheating occurs!

The Science

Cooling the neck has been shown to help improve performance, reduce sweating, and enhance the feeling of comfort1,2. Even this small area of the body will yield some surprising benefits from cooling.

Surface cooling depends primarily on how much surface area you can cover, where more is better. However, there are a few small areas on the body which provide unique responses to cooling. The back of your neck is one of those areas. The palms of your hands is another. *Read more about palm cooling in our CoolHand™ section.


1. Yang Zhang et al. Cooling on Soccer Performance. Monten. J. Sports Sci. Med. 3 (2014) 1: 17–22

2. Tyler, C. J., and C. Sunderland. Neck Cooling and Running Performance in the Heat Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 43, No. 12, pp. 00–00, 2011

3. Ruddock, A. et al (2014). Effect of hand cooling on body temperature, cardiovascular and perceptual responses during recumbent cycling in a hot environment. Journal of Science and Cycling, 3 (2).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I used this headband, the cool cuffs and a vest. I did 4 exercises (1 set to failure with each).
I paced myself as I have come to learn that the primary reason for failing is because of the heat generated from glycogen oxidation in the muscle cells which then enters the core and heats everything up. So, by keeping your core chilled using your thermal points via the products above mentioned that I used. I also thought to use gel ice packs and wrapped them around my quads for my squats. Each time I felt that I was on my last rep. I'd rack the bar for about 10, then 15, etc till 30 sec as the reps increased. I doubled my expected reps with my squats using these products! Worth EVERY PENNY! I over doubled my upper body exercise rep counts. You fail because of heat generated, as it prevents the enzymes responsible for catalyzing a contraction to work. Keep them cold, and you can continue far past what you believed you previously could!
I will never strength train without these products!

Janet Riggleman (Orlando, FL, US)
Cooling vest and cooling wrap

Excellent customer service.And loving the cooling vest and other cooling gear.
Helps with the heat and keep us feeling cool.
Does well with the Florida heat.

Karen Tagle (Bradenton, FL, US)
Great Product & Great Customer Service

Great product & when I had questions, they were there to answer them all.

Walter Knochenmus (Cloquet, MN, US)

I Like your product.. the ice vest fits great and cools the core excellent ., and very comfortable.. but it’s just a little to heavy to wear in an event .., 5/6 pounds ad up over the miles in a triathlon… wonder if you could make one about half the weight with good cooling ? Was glad to practice with it .and try it . and I understand it’s for before an event or after. But If a person could make one to use during an event it could be a game changer ? Boulder 70.3 Ironman the temp was 90 and in full sun the hole race .. lots of athletes blew up their muscles locked up and people vomiting .. the intensity of the heat definitely took a toll on many .., thanks again . Walter

Laura (Buffalo, NY, US)
Brilliant solution!

As a person who struggles with heat and humidity, I am so grateful to Oro Sport for creating their good looking cooling products. I've been using the headband every day since getting it a few weeks ago -- I use it when playing pickle ball. It's comfortable, looks great, and fits under my hat when needed. So simple to use. Thank you!