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CoolPup Wraps

CoolPup Wraps

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Each wrap comes with 1 CoolPaks™ strip. To order extra CoolPaks™, click here.

The difference between our CoolPup™ Band and our CoolPup™ Wrap is adjustability. The band stretches, but the wrap is secured with a concealed velcro closure for flexibility.

One lightweight CoolPaks™ strip targets a powerhouse of cooling under the neck of your dog. The top section of the CoolPup™ Wrap makes a fashion statement, while the underside of the adjustable wrap does all the work. 

Cooling is targeted alongside the jugular vein to move cooler blood to the brain, where overheating occurs; and alongside the carotid arteries, returning cooler blood to the heart.  

Adjustable sizing assures a comfortable, snug fit. Reduce heat-related panting, fatigue from overheating, and anxiousness.

Size 1 will fit around a SMALL dog's neck:    14" - 16" 
Size 2 will fit around a MEDIUM dog's neck: 17" - 21"
Size 3 will fit around a LARGE dog's neck:    21" - 24" 
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Customer Reviews

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Liz VS (Charleston, SC, US)
Your wonderful product is really helping me! "Pax"

CoolPup Bands is helping me to stay cool in the heat of the day, and keeping me comfortable and less stressed due to my breathing complications from my neuromuscular disease that is causing me to struggle with Laryngeal Paralysis. My mommy Liz also is not stressing when I have to go out to potty! A very special thanks to Luanne for your compassion and help in choosing the CoolPup Bands for me...they really work!