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Maximo™ Gen2 Cooling Vest

Maximo™ Gen2 Cooling Vest

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The Maximo™ Gen II CoolVest comes with its own CoolPaks™. To order extra sets of CoolPaks™, click here.

This second generation of our Maximo™ Cooling Vest is constructed to accommodate an even wider range of body shapes and weights. 

There are no side seams or panels on this design. The wide, tapered flaps at each side velcro to the front to form the sides of this garment. Clever? We thought so too.

We ask a lot of our engineered textiles, yet they deliver on all counts:

  • Moisture management
  • Antimicrobial
  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Lifetime performance
  • High-tech aesthetic

No other brand matches our quality constructions or MADE in the USA commitment. 

Activate CoolPaks™ in warm water (only once) and insert into the interior waterproof pockets. FDA Approved, food-safe, long-lasting, and second-to-none cooling experience.  

 If you have questions about sizing, contact us today... even if today is Sunday. We do our best to return every call within 24 hours. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
M. V. (Montreal, QC, CA)
Well worth the investment

I am so happy to have found a cooling vest that is both stylish and well designed. I have Dysautonomia and am very heat intolerant. I’m thrilled to be able to put on my vest and enjoy myself in the warmer weather without having to worry if it will cause a flair. Quick shipping and great customer service too.

Judy Fabiniak (Buffalo, NY, US)
The best!

The products and service couldn't be better. Memorable in fact!

No sweeter 12 words have yet to be spoken... I'd say we're blushing, but we're too busy being grateful to you for sharing your experience with our products and service! Thank you, Judy!

Jonathan Honeywell (Fort Wayne, IN, US)
Miracle Worker

This is my second cooling vest I’ve purchased from Oro and once again, I’m blown away. The cooling vests have given me my life back during the summer months. With my MS, the heat and humidity make it difficult for me to participate with my family in activities. Thank you for helping me regain a piece of normalcy in my life!

Walter Knochenmus (Cloquet, MN, US)
Great cooling vest

Fits nice.. easy to prep and use .. easy to put on and take off ., chills the core great …. Great product… fantastic customer service!! Thanks thanks …

Matthew York (Switz City, IN, US)
Works well

Trial run; after 2 hours of yard work it was still cool to the touch.
Intended purpose; ATV racing.
90* humid day, and I was pushing my 43 year old overweight body as hard as I could. Cooling affects were still noticeable beyond 2 hours. At 2:45 when I took it off, the vest no longer felt cool to the touch at all.
Perceived affects of the wrist things didn't last beyond an hour.
The "belt" is adjustable. I didn't fasten it the first day because it was way too tight and I didn't notice the adjustment on the inside.
Comfortable to wear, weight wasn't noticeable until the cooling affects wore off.
Activating the cool packs was a PITA. I recommend trying the washing machine method. The manual method took forever.
Would definitely recommend vest, would not purchase the wrist things if I had a do-over.