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Ultimo™ Cooling Vest

Ultimo™ Cooling Vest

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COOLPAKS™ INCLUDED with this and all our cooling gear.  To order an extra set of CoolPaks™, click here.

No better fit, no better function. Our patent-pending Ultimo™ Cooling Vest is designed to fit like a second skin, assuring the most effective transfer of temperature possible in a cooling garment. The garment itself is virtually weightless -- and our  innovative design distributes the weight from the coolants throughout your body.

100% Cool matched with 100% Comfort. 

Every textile in the Ultimo performs a job: Exterior spacer knit insulates CoolPaks™ against the environment, yet is breathable. The Interior textile provides moisture management and antimicrobial properties. The Ultimo™ is what happens when the best of form meets the best in function.

SIZING: Our garments are sized by height and weight. If your height is above or below average and you are uncertain what size to order, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. There is flexibility with each size.

SIZE 0: For slight physiques of approximately 100 - 135 lbs.

SIZE 1: For the athletic physique of approximately 135 - 165 lbs

SIZE 2: For weights of approximately 165 - 195 lbs

SIZE 3: For weights of approximately 195 - 250 lbs

NOTE: Please remember to factor height into your evaluation of size. For example, a person 5'4" at 175 lbs would wear a Size 2 Ultimo. A person 5'10" at 135 lbs would wear a Size 1.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bonnie Waltz (Sacramento, CA, US)
An enormous chilling help!

So far, I have only had to use it one time, but it helped immensely while I was doing yard work on a hot day. I was outdoors for 5 or more hours. I know that it didn't stay frozen that long, but it helped to cool my core so that I could stay out a little longer without exasperating my heat sensitivity issues. I was concerned about feeling "freezer burn," but it never felt too cold. It was quite comfortable the entire time.
When I called about sizing, Luanne answered my call. She answered all of my questions and was fun and informative to talk with too!
Thank you for making a cooling vest that doesn't make me look like I am on a road construction crew. It is nice looking, well fitting and looks well made.
I look forward to using it again.
Thank you

David the Walker (Phoenix, AZ, US)

I live in Phoenix where it’s hot, hot hot! My Oro Cooling Vest keeps me cool. I can’t believe how long the vest stays cold. I never exercise outdoors without it. And it’s a fashion statement as well!!! And Oro is so responsive, my questions answered immediately!


My nephew who is a steam fitter used this vest in extreme temperatures, and he said, “ I don’t think I will work somewhere hot without this vest. It’s amazing!”

Janet Riggleman (Orlando, FL, US)
Cooling Vest.

Great product. and wonderful customer service Luanne is a great and answered all my questions. Will go with them again. And thankful for the help.

T'was a pleasure, Janet! Thank you for returning :)

Reid Taylor (Laurens, SC, US)
Love my Oro Ultimo

I have had my Oro Ultimo vest for almost a month now, and am really ecstatic about and pleased with my purchase. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and have extreme heat-sensitivity. However, I try to walk my dog about 2.5 miles everyday and like to get out in the yard. The heat in the South makes it tougher every year. I found this product and decided to give it a try. It is wonderful. Like I said, I wear it on my walks every day, and it has kept me cool. I also just wore it to a father/son camp weekend. I was hesitant to go on this trip due to the heat, but the camp graciously allowed me access to some freezer space, so I was able to take my Oro vest and headbands, which kept me cool and allowed me to participate in activities with my son and our group. I could not have done this without this vest. Wonderful product. Highly recommend for anyone sensitive to heat and is trying to stay active in hot weather or hot climates. Also, great customer service! Thank you!

We couldn't ask for a better evaluation, and thank you for taking time to share this with us, and with others who might be considering the Ultimo. Glad you're able to take such impressive walks with your dog -- keep it up, but be safe!! Thanks again, Reid.