Fashion Evolves with Climate Change

Fashion Evolves with Climate Change

Fashion is about what’s going on around us. Politics, economics, culture, and environment.

With climate change awareness reaching a global crescendo, a move towards adaptive clothing -- particularly clothing that assists with thermoregulation -- is not only inevitable, but necessary.

Fashion, style, and trends are all predicated on a variety of motivations. Style is inherent and without boundary. Trend is transitional and can span multiple seasons or multiple years.  But when trend is dictated by a dominant global influence, a trend can become a new standard.

Climate change is a global crisis that will directly affect how we dress. Sustainable, antimicrobial, breathable, and temperature-regulating apparel is fast-approaching “new standard” status.  We are facing a future that can no longer succumb to fashion for fashion’s sake. Going forward, personal health will play a role in how we see fashion.  

As Katriona Flynn, fashion trend expert states: “Streetwear is now more of a cultural phenomenon than a fashion trend." 

Whether on the streets, on the job, or on the playground, clothing that directly affects human performance will win the day.



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