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Coolsport Vestino™

Coolsport Vestino™

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Each Vestino™ comes with it's own CoolPaks strip. To order CoolPaks™ backups, click here.

This body-hugging Vestino™ is so stealth and unobtrusive, you will forget that you have it on.

High-impact cooling is aimed at your back and held firm snug by a secure "weightless belt" system and adjustable shoulder straps. 

For full-core cooling, select our Maximo™ Gen2 Vest or Ultimo™ Cool Vest.


VESTINO SIZE is determined by height and weight. The chart is based on average heights. 

If you still have questions about sizing, you are one phone call from a solution. 

(716) 281-0080.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

hello, I love my Coolsport Vestino but add 2 round velcros to the the ice pack and top the vest in order to keep the ice pack in place when it melts. Minor adjustment for more comfort. Thank you for the great service & awesome cooling equipment you offer.

Courtney B (Ponchatoula, LA, US)
Love it!

So far we love it! Our oldest uses it for soccer - During Louisiana Heat. He had used it twice and everyone has asked about it.

CG (San Francisco, CA, US)
Very helpful for summer cooling

I'm a cyclist and runner in Tucson, AZ and we have had record setting high temperatures for 50 days straight. My new Oro Sports vest and headbands have really been helping me stay cool on early morning rides - and even for car trips to shops and for doing yardwork. Great customer support, my questions were answered very quickly.

Laura Desjardins (Etobicoke, ON, CA)

I was able to use this product for heavy training in Spain. I use the Palmer cooling regularly this summer for my high intensity workouts. The customer service is also amazing .

anonymous (Gabriola, BC, CA)
5 stars for the Vestino.

I am a 64 year old female with MS. Over the last few years my heat intolerance has become very bad. Oro is the fourth cooling device I have tried. Finally something works! I use the Vestino vest cycling and no longer do I have the alarming tomato red face at the end of ride or scary feelings of an attack coming on. I love it! Thank you thank you.